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The critics on Twitter who claim that the platform is filled with anger and vitriol must hang out in bubbles very different from mine.

Mine is decidedly edu-Twitter. Here I get to read tweets that move me in different ways.

This tweet made me shake my head (SMH) and then shake with laughter.

Imagine the audacity to force people to learn about an LMS with every log in attempt! I bet that the administrator or techie who suggested and implemented that received a non-teaching award from the university.

The next tweet just made me SMH for how universities still use end-of-course student feedback for staff evaluations.

The last tweet I am highlighting makes me want to shake the sharer’s hand (even though she used an outdated reference to learning styles).

Twitter can get ugly, particularly if you reside in the socio-political or celebrity spaces. But these do not represent all of Twitter. There are other districts you can visit. Some are nice or pleasant enough to stay.


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