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I write this in advance because I will have to deal with the social media-based wishes on my birthday.

As I grow a year older, I have not prematurely become a curmudgeon. I just think people are focusing on the wrong thing.

Yes, being born and healthy is beating heavy odds. Adding years to your life is another betting game stacked against you. Perhaps that is why people wish you “Happy Birthday (You Made It Somehow)!”

But it is what you do with each day of your life that really matters. Is your take to give ratio heavy on the former or the latter?

So as much as I appreciate the well-wishes of family and friends, this is what I think about birthdays: Celebrating being born should pale in comparison to marking what you do after being born.

I also think that the parody account @VeryLonelyLuke, based on the fictional old Luke Skywalker, had a poignant thought while in exile.

All this is tongue firmly in cheek, of course. But some might not realise it.

Maybe they will next year. On their birthday. And only if they give more than they take.

Addendum: I was called the Yoda of #edsg last evening. That is not quite a compliment. So I conclude with this tweet.

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