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The video below reminded me of one of the core messages of the Pessimists Archive/Build For Tomorrow podcast — technology backlash (tech lash) is often driven by technological determinism and ignorance of history.

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This Economist video started with a self critique of the opening question: Should we fear technology? It rightly pointed out that the problem is not technology, it is our relationship with technology.

One relationship is our failure to learn from how people reacted to emerging technologies in the past. We fear technology because we do not understand it, choose not to understand it, and attribute systemic ills to it.

If we had a less deterministic mindset, we would learn from history. We might rise above such lessons and conclude that how we Design, Use, Manage, and Revise technology are counters to ignorance and fear. Yes, I am suggesting that we need DUMR to craft smart responses to tech lash.

If it is not already obvious, my new favourite tool for creating image quotes is Pablo by Buffer.

One of my new favourite things to say is: “Busy” is a four-letter word.

I say this in response to questions like, “Are you busy?” and “What keeps you busy?”

Being busy seems to be normal, expected, and accepted. The questions are like conversation starters. But they belie our assumptions.

Being busy is not necessarily a good thing. Being busy does not mean that you are productive. Being busy rarely allows you to stop and think.

A lot of busy work seems to stem from worry. People are busy because they are worried about deadlines, judgement, payment, and many other things.

I choose not to be busy.

My response is based on not worrying about worry.

Worry is like a rocking chair. Lots of movement that gets you nowhere.

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