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It is time for something light since it is the weekend and also Valentines Day.

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Wong Fu Productions often does sappy or emo relationship videos. But they are at their best when they do comedies.

There is loving what you do and people appreciating something else you do. Perhaps it might be time to find a new love.

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When I watched yesterday’s Wongfu Weekend episode with my son, I told him this was a good instance of how cooperation is often better than competition.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has no fixed rules. As a player, you decide what you want to do, and that is probably one of the major reasons why this game is so popular.

In the video, Phil and Wes (who are new to the game) are coached by Ted and David respectively.

Phil and Ted opted to take the more constructive route. Wes and David went on a destructive rampage. They eventually fought each other even as zombies, skeletons, and spiders attacked them both.

If they had cooperated, they would have survived the night. Because they competed, their game avatars died. That is a lesson in Minecraft you can take into life.

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If you do not know the trio behind Wongfu Productions, you should. They turned ten recently.

I have enjoyed their YouTube videos, marvelled at their creativity, and am appreciative of their hard work. But most of all I admire their tenacity in the face of uncertainty.

They exemplify the type of working adults we need today and tomorrow.

They may not have long term plans, but they keep shaping their dreams and passions. They turn obstacles into opportunities. The invent their jobs and they reinvent themselves.

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I am glad to see that the WongFu boys are back and they have a gem in this video short. The go back and forth in time rapidly to tell a story.

WongFu calls this video FLASHBACKATTACK. It certainly fits, although I think that Time Will Tell could have been an alternate title.

Time heals what reason cannot. Time is what we want to most but also what we waste the most. And time will tell because it is wisest advisor of all.

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