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This hit my Twitter stream yesterday.

Confusing WHO statement about ibuprofen.

The one thing I can say for sure about this WHO statement is that it is confusing. What is the meaning of “does not recommend against the use”?

A clearer and more direct statement might have been: WHO does not have enough information at the moment about using ibuprofen to treat the symptoms of COVID-19.

I would jump on this ordinarily. But I have been sensitised to writing as a form of persuasive communication because I have been grading student essays.

Most of the essays need the same medicine. No, not ibuprofen. The medicine is clear and direct writing. This doctor says take one of each tablet (clear and direct) before, during, and after writing. It will prevent headaches.

I like a good joke as much as the next person.

For me, a good joke is a turn of phrase that is smart, observant, and above all, true to life. So I laughed at what one local satirist shared on Twitter.

But I stopped chuckling almost as soon as I started. The image was not hashtagged as satire and was meant to simulate a serious message from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

To be clear, the graphic is fake. It does not originate from the WHO, which has actual images busting myths about COVID-19.

I know that some will get the joke, but there are others who might propagate the image out of context and without checking for a source.

We do not need to add a “joke” to the existing dump of misinformation and disinformation. All these spread faster than COVID-19 and infect our capacity to think critically. But there is an inoculation — myth busting fuelled by skepticism.

The tweet below reminded me of how I used to introduce myself after I stopped being a teacher and became an educator.

At most teacher and educator events, we are often asked to introduce ourselves by sharing what we call ourselves, where we work, and what we teach.

I often start normally with my name and then say that I work nowhere in particular. If that does not confuse people, I add that I do not teach any subject in particular; I say that I teach people.

I state that last point in all seriousness, but it often draws laughter, some of it nervous and some of it knowing. The few that chortle knowingly are educators whose mantra is the tweet.


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