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The moral of this tweeted photo sequence is: They will find a way.

Will we find ways to learn from them and work with them instead of fighting a lost war?

Yes, kids need to learn about limits. But we need to keep learning about possibilities too.

Mathematics was for logical thinking. Science was for hypothesizing and testing hypothesis. Language was for clear and effective communication.

They still stand for those things, but I get a sense that some have lost sight of that.

Today such content areas seem to be for doing well on tests and PISA rankings. They have become a paper chase. When combined with current testing models, content areas are means to sort people on very narrow, academic measures.

The learning of content should be a method to ends like critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and meaningful use. This is not just an old-fashioned ideal. It is a necessary strategy in an age where information is readily available and changing rapidly. 

How did we lose sight of what matters?

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