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I watched this Vimeo-hosted video and was impressed by how the storyteller was able to weave a tale forwards and backwards.

Based on what I have read about this video elsewhere, I gather that some folks think that is makes more sense backwards than forwards.

I agree. And as I sometimes do, I started to connect this with courses that I facilitate. The course is change management with ICT in this case.

Sometimes things do not seem to make sense moving forward with change. We might just be reacting to the reactions to change. There are new changes to respond to, fires to put out, and busy work.

Hindsight almost always seems clear. It is easy to look back and reflect on change efforts to see where we went right or wrong.

But I fear that hindsight is not always accurate. It can tell another story because our experience colours the story or we look at the past through rose-tinted glasses.

This reminds me of a saying I learnt when I was young: Life is like grammar. It makes the past perfect and the present tense.

So very true when change agents face resistance. This is something I might close my change management elective with a several weeks time.

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This is a video made from 852 Instagram photos.

But I wonder whether to call this curation or creation.

It is Friday and time for something light.

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What is inspiring?

A 98-year-old man who has wet macular degeneration but uses MS Paint to create works of art that he can barely see.

This is technology integration at its most powerful.

It is meaningful and personal. It allows users to express and create. It goes beyond what you can see to what you thought you could only imagine.

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At first glance, this video does not seem like an educational one. Or rather, it might not seem to use any principles of design for educational videos.

But on closer inspection and reflection, I see that:

  • The longer, raw video is not as exciting nor does it send the intended message
  • A short, tightly-edited video is better at telling a story
  • It is important to credit ideas, if not in the video then in the text that accompanies it
  • A video is nothing without planning for social interaction around it

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Here is another view on what it means to be human. It is a sneak peak into our gross glory.

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This was the second-placed video in the contest promoting open learning.

The recurring critiques of the current closed schooling system are:

  • it is costly (and becoming more so)
  • information within the system gets old or irrelevant quickly

The benefits of using open educational resources (OER) are that they:

  • are media-rich and more up-to-date
  • offer opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded teachers and learners
  • provide learners with greater choice
  • can be more fun and engaging

Click to see all the nominees!

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