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Prompted by a recent interaction with a user of my Bloom’s Taxonomy verb wheel [1] [2], I decided to make a few edits.

Verb Wheel based on the revised Bloom's Taxonomy (US spelling).

This version has text in US English spelling (e.g., analyze instead of analyse). The URL of the new resource is The original is still at

The history and rationale for the design of the wheel as well as the follow-up are still relevant, so I hope users also benefit from the processes behind the product.

Rising above, I react to my reflection yesterday on adopting world views. If spelling is going to be a barrier to educators elsewhere, I should remove that barrier. QED.

I do not think that I have had a teaching semester go by without knowing what to change the next. I need to make small but important edits to my Bloom’s Verb Wheel.

This was my initial reflection on why I made edits to an existing wheel. My next two edits are to cross out the verbs “Apply” and “Analyse” in their respective segments.

Bloom's Verb Wheel version 2.

Why? Learning outcomes (LOs) need to be precise. The traditional instructional design standards are that LOs should be observable and measurable.

“Apply” and “Analyse” are too vague. They are also the same labels as the categories they are meant to unpack and illustrate. I think it is logical to apply the dictionary rule of not using the same word to define that word.

“Apply” is better embodied with words like construct, solve, or modify. Evidence of being able to “Analyse” is more obvious when learners are tasked to categorise or differentiate.

If you only use “Apply” or “Analyse”, you might not be thinking critically about what the learner is supposed to do to demonstrate learning. To rely on these two verbs as a catch-all could be lazy thinking.


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