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At the risk of sounding obvious, I will say that vacuums suck.

I am not referring to the cleaning devices that we call vacuum cleaners. I am talking about a lack of background information or context.

It is not wise to work in such a vacuum, much less implement long-reaching, long-term policy. This is why we have the adage: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning should take into account context and background.

I am particular about finding out the context and background of the people and agencies I work with. Sometimes the people that first approach me wonder why I persist with finding these things out.

From their perspective, they already understand their context, but they might make the mistake of assuming that I also do. Alternatively, they might presume that I can provide so much generic advice and strategies that a few will stick.

This is like firing a shotgun in the dark in the hope that a few pellets hit the target. For me, this is not only a waste of time and effort, it is also dangerous. Someone might get injured in the process.

I prefer to know what the context and background of any endeavour are so that I can focus our collective efforts on meaningful effort and change. Surely that does not suck.

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