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This person is not the first to declare that universities must reinvent, disrupt, or transform themselves. He will not be the last.

Universities have changed and will continue to change. But they do so less like raging rivers and more like glaciers. They move… very slowly.

Why? They are good at reinventing the need to do much of the same. They disrupt hiring practices to rely revolving doors and cheaper professionals. They transform research money into, well, more research money.

Who is audacious now?


edX CEO Anant Agarwal shared a statistic at the beginning of his TED talk. About 155,000 people took an edX course offered by MIT. This number was larger than the entire alumni of MIT in its 150 year history.

But MOOC reach was not what Agarwal wanted to highlight. Instead, he described how experiments in MOOCs were informing university faculty on:

  • Going where the learner is at (online, mobile)
  • Designing blended and flipped lessons
  • Promoting active learning by designing interactive and self-paced lessons
  • Providing instant feedback
  • Leveraging on social learning
  • Getting students to learn by encouraging them to teach

In other words, relevant and progressive pedagogy.


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