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What might you learn from a tweet?A lot, if you think about it.

Let’s start with something simple — spelling matters. Not because your English teacher said so, but because it is fundamental to good communication.

The tweet below is a reminder than just because you can does not mean you should. If you do, you might create dread instead of desire.

One example of the principle above is pointless meetings. Administrators in particular like meetings because they consider that to be work. The problem is that most meetings do not work.

Changing gears, another lesson is that a plan is only as good as its implementation. These socks had a message that looked good in design, but had an entirely different message in practice.

And finally, making projections is often part of planning. The problem with looking too far ahead or using the wrong lens is making wrong predictions.

These are just a few lessons and reminders from recent tweets I shared in my timeline. Their lessons are often not earth-shattering or immediately obvious. Like any good lesson, the learner needs to put in the effort to learn.


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