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I reviewed the tweets that I had collected as “favourites” over the last few years and found this:

Damned if you do or damned if you don’t? Which are you guilty of?

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I expected that STonline would lead with a headline like Video games linked to aggressive behaviour in kids says Singapore study.

But I found it interesting that when tweeted it read:

An editor might argue that there is only so much space for a headline. But the tweet was so much more informative.

The non-paywall and longer article is at Reuters and it is titled Violent video games may be tied to aggressive thoughts.

STonline cites the findings as aggressive behaviour while Reuters choose aggressive thoughts. STonline leaves much of the critique of the study out while Reuters leaves more of it intact.

So why the difference? If you do not read widely or critically, what conclusions are you likely to draw?

Twitter turned eight this week.

I jumped on the bandwagon to get @ashley in January 2007. But according to, my first tweet was in October that year.

Admittedly, my first tweet was not as good as these ten first tweets. But it was not as bad as some of the first tweets by these celebrities.

I wondered out loud then and I have since answered my questions.

Twitter was an answer to a question I did not have (why use it?). I did not use it for several months because I did not have a purpose for it. I know that to this day Twitter (and many educational technology) workshops are run without answering that purposeful question.

I have since found out how to use Twitter to connect loosely with like-minded others, be a member of an online community, access the latest information, share nuggets, and teach informally.

I have moved from wondering to wandering. Twitter has allowed me to explore new ground and to teach and learn in ways I would not have considered before.

I get the sentiment behind this tweet.

But I cannot help but mischievously and realistically restate this as:

The first to apologize is the scapegoat
The first to forgive is the most gullible
And the first to forget is the one who did not tweet, Facebook, or Instagram it.

Just saying.

To this tweet I say, why the negativity? Especially in light of the fact that the linked article merely reports the growing adoption of social media for professional development.

I ask my own question in return.

Should the perceived, unrealistic, or ignorance-based risks hold teachers back from adopting social media and Web 2.0?

Video source

I recall a cheesy line from a Stallone movie, Cobra: You’re the disease, and I’m the cure.

Now here is an observation from a tweeter who said:

The cure in the first case is a good one.

The “cure” in the second is an awful truth. I think that left unchecked, the cure might become the disease!

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