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There is much truth in the message represented by the graphic embedded in the tweet below.

If I had to split hairs, I would point out that what anyone shares is information, not knowledge. Information only becomes knowledge only when it has been reprocessed and internalised. So it is information that is lost and it never becomes actionable knowledge.

But the fact remains that much of research conducted by academics does not reach its intended audience nor does it have the effect it should. That might be one of the reasons why one of the thoughts shared in the article below was for researchers to disseminate more widely and clearly.

The truth is out there. Some of it is hidden in academic speak and journals — this used to be the dominant but tedious way of sharing. Now some of that information is shared online more openly, freely, and simply.

The problem now is that there is so much information, misinformation, and disinformation. The sad truth is that we are still struggling to teach students how to solve that problem.

This tweet is telling.

You can get information and news from an authoritative source or you can get it secondhand.

As social creatures, we rely on social cues. While cues are important for communication, they are not always ideal for facts.

Earlier this month I learnt about the death of a former director of NIE. The initial report came to me via the grapevine, and while that particular source was reliable, it was not official. Short of hearing directly from a grieving loved one, I waited to hear from the university or a press release.

As much as I dislike Facebook, I am part of several groups for professional and personal enrichment. What all groups have in common are speculation, guesswork, and rumour that pass off as fact. More frightening is opinion that masquerades as expertise. What is terrifying is the general acceptance of hearsay.

Today we have no excuse for not even looking for original sources and authoritative channels. It might take some work, but like any skill, you get better with practice.

Ignore the saying “do not look a gift horse in the mouth” just because someone gave you juicy news or a shiny nugget. You owe it to yourself and to others to get things right. Get the information straight from the horse’s mouth because the stable is open.

Video source

This is Paint’s take on what happens after Disney characters supposedly live “happily ever after”.

Video source

These are teens reacting to his humourous but more realistic take.

Say what you will. There is the painted truth, the made-up truth, and the negotiated truth.

And the truth is we do not have nearly enough discussions with learners to question “truth”.

The original tweet was “Science ruins *everything* in education” with the emphasis on everything.

But after reading the story in the tweet, I had a different perspective.

Viewed positively, might the tweet be “Science *ruins* everything in education” with the emphasis on ruins?

The bad thing is that the boy found out that he was adopted. The good thing is that a hidden truth came out.

Would you rather live with a lie or deal with the truth?

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It is interesting to see how often and where Singapore appears on this infographic by Online Schools (click on image for full version).

When I posed the question “Where do we lie?”, I meant two things. Where we are positioned and where the untruths are.

Let us not kid ourselves: Statistics and visuals obscure details and inconvenient truths!

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