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The BBC has an interesting article on educational policy: Signs of a turning tide on tests. It was interesting to me because the Commons Schools Committee advocated that stakeholders “trust the teachers” instead of relying heavily on things like standardized tests.

From the article:

The report did not argue for an end to all external assessment. But it called for a shift toward more within-school, teacher-led assessment. This, it said, would not only save money but also a lot of the teaching time that is lost to exam preparation and administration.

And this is the key point: it is not about dropping school accountability altogether, but about making sure it does not obstruct teaching and learning.

I hope that the UK does this while the rest of the world watches and learns. I also hope that we in Singapore act on this same issue before it is too late.

I think a scheme like this will work only if a) teachers are treated/nurtured as professionals, b) we expect them to behave as such and c) we hold them accountable for what they do. The measure of accountability should not just be exam results otherwise the test tide will return.

Instead, evidence of student ability, attitudes and skills could be recorded in portfolios, community involvement, personal and group projects, etc. In other words, more authentic, meaningful and rigorous assessments.

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