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Taskmaster is not just entertaining, it can be educational if you let it.

This video looked like a task, but it was actually a cleverly disguised ad for Google’s speech and text translation tools. 

Such tools are now more accurate than they were before and are practically de rigueur for current phones. They should not be considered novel or even exciting.

They have good education potential because they can be used formally (e.g., in class) and informally (e.g., while travelling overseas). This is an example of how mobile tools are assistive.

However, the edtech trap is to only call such tools teaching enhancements. That might be true from a teacher’s point of view. The equally (if not more) important view is how they might enable independent and meaningful learning by students of a new language.

The lines between email and other forms of communication are blurring.

Google has added voice and video to Gmail. It has also enabled RSS feeds to be translated into the (popular) language of your choice.

See Google Press release.


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