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I spotted this notice on the new “digital display“ at the lift lobby on the ground floor of my apartment block. Residents were warned not to touch it.

Not a touchscreen?

Touchscreens are so common as to be the norm. This screen is at eye to shoulder height and begs to be touched. If we are not supposed to interact with the screen, a conventional noticeboard might have made more sense.

Given the environment, the risk for damage to this screen is high. The cost of this initiative not known even though residents pay for it via monthly dues. The return on this investment is also questionable. Innovation is not doing the same thing differently and at greater cost.

Now, am I being curmudgeonly or are the authorities just out of touch?

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Who would’ve thunk it? Here is someone who thought of a way to use an iPad2 as a document camera (visualizer).

I guess that the iPad2, iPod Touch and iPhone could serve as a visualizer in a pinch. But why?

Perhaps because you don’t already have a visualizer. Or you might do this to sell the idea mobile devices to tech-resistant teachers.

Or you might just change the pedagogy around to let students take centre-stage and show off their work.

So sure, it’s low brow use of the technology. But it could be a small step in the right direction…

This entry is as much for my own reference as it is for anyone else who is interested in multitouch technologies. Presenting CityWall and Touchless.

CityWall describes itself as:

“a large multi-touch display installed in a central location in Helsinki which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the everchanging media landscape of the city. The new interface launched in October 2008 also allows working with 3D objects, which enables multiple content and multiple timelines.”

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry how we at the MxL have a physical prototype that we are developing for education. We would like schools to make their own low-cost desks of the future. I think that these desks would put information literally at the fingertips of learners and enable collaboration like never before.

Sounds like an ambitious plan, right? Well, we haven’t taken it far enough!

Some Microsoft guys have released an SDK (software development kit) that they worked on part time. Their project is called Touchless. They describe it simply: “Touchless enables touch without touching by using a webcam to track color based markers.”

Get in touch with me if you are interested!

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