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Many thanks to Niko for sharing this time-lapse of one of my MLS125 classes in action.

This is a three-hour class condensed into 20 seconds!

Video source

I have annotated the video in YouTube to label the phases of activity. You may not see the labels if you are using a mobile device.

I am sharing this video not just to provide a peek into my classroom. I intend to create a short video for our Blended Learning in Collaborative Classrooms series.

The plan is to show

  • how I set up stations in the room
  • the facilitatation of station and game-based learning
  • the overall flow of the lesson from start to end

The time-lapse is one component to these ends.

The videos are shot. Now the hard work of editing begins!

Video source

I am a sucker for great time lapse photography/videography. I love this video for its epic sequences and also for the fact that I can relate to the type of places where they were shot.

I lived in Arizona when I was pursuing a Masters and hiked on the weekends to places like these.

I took this photo with a cheap point-and-shoot camera in 2001 on a hike to view Weaver’s Needle.

You would not normally get this view at the end of the trail. I decided to take a little bit of trouble and make a detour. I was rewarded with this view.

Sometimes a little off-the-beaten-track effort can go a long way.

Video source

I love watching the products of time-lapse photography because of the planning and patience that it requires and the spectacular products that might result. Such photography helps us see and experience things that we cannot in real time.

I think that is how technology should be used in learning: To help us learn what we cannot or would not without it. The technology might help us slow down, speed up, explore or connect in ways not possible by conventional means.

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