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It is the first day of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger. In the run up to the new year, Apple typically features a creator’s video. This year’s video did not disappoint. 

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My takeaways are that a) the affordances and limitations of a tool (like the iPhone 13 Pro) are opportunities to be creative, b) the energy of the young is sometimes present in the old (re: the father in the story), and c) it often takes a village to do something of worth. 

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I also enjoyed the making-of video which provided insights on the processes behind the product. It is a pity that this video was so short. I would have loved to see what each cog in the machine did to contribute to the final product.

That said, such a short video is a model for a process e-portfolio. It creates opportunities for Q&A, discussion, unpacking, repacking, critique, etc.

Today marks that start of the Lunar New Year. It is the Year of the Dragon.

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We will see lots of lion dances over the next few weeks.

Depending on where you stay, you will also hear a lot of them whether you want to or not. I would not mind so much if they added some variety like the troupe above.

Those lions certainly aren’t dragon their feet! Actually, they are tigers (different heads), so that might explain the unusual behaviour.

Many thanks to Cheryl for sharing the video with me last week.


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