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Derek Lin wrote a response to my reaction to a display that decried that technology was making us stupid.

I have reflected on this issue before, but I like what he said: It’s all about how you use your tools.

That said, some tools are clearly designed to maim, e.g., nuclear weapons.

Other tools are double-edged. Dynamite might be used to kill or it might be used to clear obstacles. A knife can cut through flesh to injure or to feed.

A car can be used to thrill, fill, drill, or kill.

In the hands of a skilled stunt person, a car can entertain. A parent might use a car to lug a month’s worth of groceries home. That same parent might teach his/her child to drive safely. If that parent drinks and drives, s/he might end up killing someone.

We like to blame our tools when something goes wrong. We like to take the credit when something goes right. Who is stupid now?

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