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This YouTube video is a brilliant critique of talks by self-proclaimed thought leaders. It revealed every drop of snake oil.

The first time I was called a thought leader, I did not even know what that was.

It is still a label I am not comfortable with. If someone sticks it on me, I pull it right off. I recall someone introducing me as a thought leader at an event. When I took the floor, I explained how I did not just deal with thought but also with action.

Reflecting on that helped me remember when I might have first been called a thought leader. It was a session I led that pointed out the fallacies of lectures and talks. How was that for leading with thought?

Leadership and Learning by gcouros, on Flickr
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At a recent workshop I facilitated, a member of the organizing team introduced me as a thought leader. I have also been asked to join a large international corporation in the capacity of a thought leader.

All this has led me to this simple thought: It is easy to think and say things progressive. It is much harder to do.

I would rather be acting progressively because I prefer to be judged by what I do. As an educator of educators, I need to model mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours. Thinking or writing about them is not enough.

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