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I have started facilitating the ICT course for another semester.

This semester is a little different. I have four classes instead of the usual three. Two of the classes start a week before the other two. Ah, the joys of the timetabling and the complexity of the administrative machine!

Many things contribute to my passion for the course. I was just reminded of something a former teacher trainee said to me after one consultation (I wrote it on a Post-It and stuck it on my white board). She said:

I have never thought so hard and so much in all my years of education!

The reason she said this was because I would almost never provide THE answer. I’d get my trainees to think and come up with answers themselves.

I recall being simultaneously alarmed and amused when I heard that. I was alarmed because I wondered what our education system was doing to the fertile minds of our youth. Drawing all the nutrients and laying it to waste?

I was amused, well, because of the way she said it. And the feedback was very honest and quite unique.

I also felt happy that I had helped awaken a sleeping giant. My only hope is that the giant is still walking in the school system. Ah, hope springs eternal!

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