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This WatchMojo video highlighted ten things we did not have ten years ago that are essential now.

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Well, not quite. Some of the items mentioned in the video have been around for more than ten years, e.g., Facebook. Some people do not consider all the items things are what “we can’t live without now”, e.g., Twitter.

However, their Number One item, the smartphone, is worthy of its placing. Apple marked its tenth year in this market with the iPhone X, and while there were other smartphones before, the iPhone was a watershed moment.

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The iPhone was accompanied by a larger ecosystem, the App store, and iCloud. The hardware spawned other industries like case, cable, and accessory makers. Innovation bred innovation.

Despite all this change in technology, people remain constant. Yes, the way we walk and talk with our phones has changed, but many of us remain stubborn at our core. Many websites we create are not mobile-first and the attitudes behind changing online resources and practices lag far behind the technology.

Quick videos highlight the glitz and glamour; everyday practices reveal the dust and inertia. I wager that most adults will feel that ten years is not long ago. I also wager that many of the same adults have the same mindsets today that they had ten years ago.

Reflect on that as we head into 2018. What can you change now so that you make a difference by 2028?

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Twitter is 10-years-old on 21 Mar 2016. However, it is not a perfect ten.

Matt Santoro gives a nice roundup on Twitter by highlighting five facts about it in five minutes. The information is rather US-centric and I have not found an education equivalent video.

However, I learnt something quite astounding from Santoro. He cited a statistic that about 44% of all Twitter accounts have not tweeted.

Imagine if four out of ten students in class were marked as present, but were not there. Actually there is no need to imagine this. Kids disappear from class all the time. Not physically, but mentally.

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What can you remember from ten years ago? What were you doing then?

I was in the USA working on my Ph.D. dissertation while bouncing my son on my knee. YouTube was just a baby and not yet able to entertain and educate my son like it does now.

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It would be difficult to put ten years of content into a single video, but this curator offered his perspective.

My perspective is that we live in an incredible time. Never have traditional production and broadcast media been so threatened by online video.

Never has schooling as well in the area of content delivery. There are instructional, how-to, demonstration, flipped, and a whole range of other videos that contribute to the oft (and over) used “information at your fingertips” phrase.

All this happened without an overall architect. Now public and private agencies are curating and creating to offer concerted efforts and better quality videos. I cannot wait to see what the next decade brings!

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