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Here is a link to the CeL’s YouTube channel. At the moment, the three latest videos feature our workshop at the TE21 summit.

This is the trailer…

Video source

And these are links to an introduction to the workshop stations and interviews with participants.

Phew, we are done with our TE21 summit sessions. I think that my whole team is tired, but pleasantly so.

It’s the feeling that you get after teaching and the class has gone well. Your body is tired but your mind is buzzing so you feel energized at the same time.

I think we created a good buzz and a sense of awareness of what we were about. My short slideshow below is cryptic without me telling the story behind the slides and it cannot reveal all seeing how my bit was only 5 min long.

Slideshare source

The rest of the session belonged to my team who sold ideas on mobile apps and learning, open learning platforms, Google Edu apps, i-SMS and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

My iPad, which wasn’t on the menu of items even though it was a mobile device, got its fair share of attention. I used it as a backup for my presentation, to help collect data for our online survey and to do impromptu searches for questions I did not have ready answers to. It was a good opportunity to model mobile just-in-time learning.

It was also a reminder to Apple that the iPads do not sell themselves. People ask other people for advice about the device. I do a lot of balanced selling of their product but I do not expect a commission. I just wish they would sponsor a few for my group or offer NIE bulk educational pricing. I am sure we’d buy them by the hundreds!

I attended yet another work-related retreat yesterday.

I still don’t like the term “retreat” because that means going backwards. I realize that sometimes we might need to take a step back in order to move forward. But to me the term is defeatist and all too often we unproductively revisit themes that we left behind from the last retreat.

I’d also rather deal with things on a daily or weekly basis instead of leaving it all for processing one or two times a year. I think I set aside enough time to reflect so I that basically “retreat” and advance every day.

But I digress. Yesterday’s retreat was an opportunity for various groups in NIE to update the rest on their efforts in realizing Teacher Education 21.

There was quite a bit of slow death by PowerPoint and again I thought of how we should conduct more progressive events so that the participants actually participated more. If we as teacher educators don’t model more up-to-date strategies, we cannot expect our preservice teachers to do the same.

Despite that major complaint, I did learn a fair bit from the committees thanks to the time and effort they had invested. But I think that I could have learned about these things more efficiently and effectively if they had tapped the collective wisdom of the NIE crowd.

How exactly? By first crowdsourcing during the brainstorming months before the retreat. Then by providing background information before the retreat for us to read/view, providing only an outline on the day itself (instead of lecturing) and getting all to comment, critique and create.

So I have learned a little bit more about NIE’s TE21 content and I have decided how NOT to conduct a retreat. But I still have to think of a better term to use than “retreat” because I probably have to conduct one of my own soon!

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