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There are many reasons one might maintain an edublog. The blog is a place to reflect, a space to exchange ideas, a platform to showcase or promote, etc.

One unexpected benefit of maintaining a blog is finding out who is searching for me. My guess is that these parties are trying to gain insights into what I do and why I do these things. These searches tend to happen when I meet new people.

This is the flip side of an oft cited warning at “cyberwellness” events — what you put online can come back to haunt you. While that can certainly happen, there is much good that happens here too.

Take my open critiques of what I sense and experience about schooling and education. Someone might choose to focus on the negatives, but I also share constructive thoughts on these issues.

Someone might choose to take a sentence or paragraph in isolation. I would rather they evaluate how my perspectives might have evolved over time.

My blog allows others to get to know me and how I operate. I need only worry about how skilled or experienced a reader is at evaluating what is essentially an online portfolio.

But here is a twist: Even as others search for me, I can use the blog dashboard to reverse search for my searchers. I see their search phrases and what they choose to read.

It takes two to tango and we can choose who to dance with, and I see nothing with that.

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