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Can we march to the beat of our own drum? 

According to the video above, the answer is no. That is, if you consider the physics and mathematics behind phenomena at the scale from the molecular to the cosmic.

Long story made short: Living and non-living things tend to synchronise when in close of proximity to one another. The video illustrated how metronomes and fireflies synchronised. Even people can synchronise when clapping and walking.

At some level we are not as independent as we think. One way to march to your own beat is to distance yourself. Some creative types do this by moving far from the madding crowd. Physical and social distance might be ways of avoiding group think.

But there are also occasions when moving to the same beat is important. Take being considerate or going green as examples. While various agencies do what they can to educate the public, what works is the influence of close proximity. Effective change happens person to person.

A while ago, I shared how I abandoned Evernote [1] [2] for the default Notes app on iOS and macOS. The latter has served me well since then.

That is, until last week. My notes stopped updating on my iMac even though they synchronised on my other devices.

I looked online for solutions, but I found none that worked. So I had to figure out my own simple workaround.

Deactivate iCloud synchronisation of Notes in macOS.

First, deactivate the iCloud synchronisation of Notes in macOS settings. If you restart Notes now, all your notes might disappear. But do not worry about this.

Second, restart the Mac, reactivate the iCloud synchronisation of Notes, and restart Notes.

The notes stored online should start populating the local app. The synchronisation might take a while depending on how many notes you have and how media-rich they are.

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