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Later today I share my thoughts on e-learning and m-learning at Educon Asia’s 6th Higher Education Summit. I will also be part of a panel on MOOCs.

I share my Google Slides openly here under CC licence.

As is my modus operandi, I will be using TodaysMeet as a backchannel. This time round, I use an updated version of TodaysMeet and look forward to the administrative login and moderation features.

I tackle the issues of so-called “best” practices, bad practices, designing for change, operating outside the course box, and promoting social m-learning. That is a lot of content and that is why my tongue-in-cheek title for my talk is my 2+3 cents worth on designing effective e and m-learning.

I may have to leave one or two illustrations out to keep to the 30 minutes allocated to me. I may need to leave out flipping learning and not just the classroom as an example of designing for change instead of designing for the status quo.

Today I will be presenting at another Google Apps for Education Summit, this time in my home ground of Singapore.

I will be using a similar format and strategy of a Google Presentation and Twitter backchannel embedded in a Google Site. I have got to walk the talk, right?

I am going to try to have some fun with the presentation. My favourite slide is probably the one below:

The summit will be held over the weekend (8 & 9 Sep) at the Singapore American School. Session details are here and we will use #gafesummit as the Twitter hashtag.

Some might see this as a weekend lost. I am going to make this an opportunity gained.

Here is a link to the CeL’s YouTube channel. At the moment, the three latest videos feature our workshop at the TE21 summit.

This is the trailer…

Video source

And these are links to an introduction to the workshop stations and interviews with participants.

Click to see all the nominees!

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