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Barely a day goes by when at least one tweet storm appears in my Twitter timeline.

These are easy to recognise because each tweet has numbers like 1/, 2/, 3/, etc. The tweeter cannot keep to the 280-character limit and so a message (often a long one) spans several tweets.

The problem? They look spammy because they dominate my timeline and I have to scroll past them. I do not read them if the first tweet a) is not important enough, and b) does not contain a link to the rest of the thoughts.

My short response: Get a blog. Write in one. Link it to Twitter.

If blogging sounds old-school, write somewhere else and link to it. You can choose to feed the Facebook algorithm, add to the noise at LinkedIn, or recreate a spammy-looking post on Instagram. You know what, just get a blog and make it professional.

That is not to say that one should not tweet storm. But like a storm, rare downpours are palatable. Raining on everyone’s parade all the time is a wet blanket. 


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