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I watched Sound of Metal which starred Riz Ahmed as a musician who was losing his hearing. The movie was a record of his journey from discovering his condition to seeking a “cure” to living in a commune for the hearing impaired.

The movie was as moving as it was unnerving, largely because the audio simulated what the protagonist was going through.

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In his interview with Stephen Colbert, Ahmed revealed what he learnt while preparing for his role. I was struck by his takeaway:

… deafness isn’t a disability, it’s a culture. It’s a way of being in the world… Deaf people aren’t hearing impaired, we’re impaired because we don’t speak sign language.

Sign language is such a rich form of expression. I actually feel that the deaf community taught me the true meaning of listening.

I wonder how many educators who have students with special needs focus on the latters’ disabilities instead of their abilities. Are we not disabled if we do not first watch and listen?

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