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The news article in the tweet above provided a long answer to the question why the percentage of children graduating from primary to secondary school has not changed over five years.

One short version of the long answer is that the number of students taking the exam, the PSLE, is statistically large enough that the pattern repeats itself.

But here are a few short considerations.

A normal distribution is a bell curve, but a bell curve does not have to look like a normal distribution. The majority of students — about 66% — end up in the Express stream so the bell is skewed.

Not force fitting results into a curve does not mean that moderation did not occur. Moderation exercises typically occur after many individuals grade papers. The graders make adjustments should they be too strict or too lenient.

As the post-exam processes are not completely transparent, we can only guess what happens out of the view of stakeholders. But another short answer presents itself if you lean cynical: We have found a comfortable formula and we are sticking to it for sorting’s sake.

That is my short form for Product and Processes, Lunar New Year edition.

This was the product — a short story shot on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Video source

This was some insights into some of the processes that created the product.

Video source

You might cynically point out that this was Apple’s blatant effort to keep advertising the iPhone 11 Pro to the largest market in the world. You would be right.

You might also see how important it is to be aware of the processes behind the product. You might learn to be reflective.

So which would you rather be — right or enlightened — in the Year of the Rat?

You hurt your bottomline if you rely only on the short term view. This applies equally in business and in schooling.

One thing I dislike about neighbourhood malls in Singapore is getting harassed by promoters and sellers. They aggressively tout their insurance, banking, or other wares by pushing “gifts” in my face, standing in my way, or pursuing me even after I have said “No, thank you!”

It is the mall management that takes the shortsighted view by charging a fee and allowing these touts to operate. They risk complaints from patrons and reduced foot traffic as patrons avoid being pestered.

Schools are not immune from being shortsighted. One needs only investigate the effects of teaching to the test, buying into unresearched vendor claims, or perpetuating the use of empty ideas like learning styles.

Both malls and schools will see the impact of uncritical adoption of superficially helpful actions. But while malls might feel the impact every financial quarter, schools might only see the consequences of what they do — or fail to do — a generation later.

If your plan is for one year plant rice.  If your plan is for ten years plant trees.  If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. -- Confucius


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