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I am sitting at a cafe and reflecting on the aftermath of another Pokémon Go Community Day (PGCD) and my fifth exclusive raid (Ex Raid) of Mewtwo. The two happened to coincide.

I managed to catch six shiny Mareep and created this “family”portrait to remember the event.

Shiny Mareep family from Pokémon Go Community Day (15 Apr 2018).

I relied on my previous experiences of wandering around in a park versus positioning myself strategically at a mall. Doing the latter taught me that the concentration of Poké stops at the mall was more efficient and comfortable.

Concentration of Poké stops at Jurong Point Mall.

The PGCD event lasted three hours (11.00am-2.00pm locally) and my Ex Raid invitation started soon after (2.00-2.45pm).

Despite the raid being my fifth one this year, I still felt some butterflies. This is because I take the responsibility to coordinate the efforts of small teams and to help others catch Mewtwo. The social pressure to do both creates the Butterfrees.

Five Mewtwos and counting...

There always seems to be something different to experience at each Ex Raid even though I see familiar faces. This is where I reflect on the importance of context and expertise.

The context changed when a mother and daughter asked me to help them with a challenge. It was not for Mewtwo but for Mew instead.

There is a new feature in PoGo called Special Research. This is a series of increasingly difficult challenges that culminates in the invitation to catch the elusive Mew. The hurdle that the mother and daughter could not clear was to each make a successful curved excellent throw.

Making successful curved excellent throws is not easy and that is why it is one of the last few tasks. The challenge was made even more difficult when the daughter had only three Poké balls left in her inventory. Her mother’s inventory was not much better.

I caught a Pokémon with a curved excellent throw with the very last ball in the daughter’s inventory. It took a while before I could do the same on her mother’s phone.

The change in context was not catching different Pokémon; it was the different phones. There are different screen textures, video responsiveness, and screen sizes.

My experience was developed on my phone. Applying exactly the same expert strategies to different contexts did not work immediately. I eventually had to use a right-hand method on one phone and a left-hand strategy on the other.

My experience using other phones was limited. I had to learn the context-of-use quickly and modify my expertise as the context demanded.

Reflecting on this experience, I realise that I transferred a work-related strategy to a play-related one. When consulted, I am relied upon for my expertise and because of my experience. However, I make clear to my potential collaborators that I need to learn their contexts first. It is the logical and responsible thing to do.

Yesterday I started Niantic’s second Pokémon Go Community Day (PGCD) on a high, experienced a low, but ended on another high.

PGCD is a monthly event that encourages players to explore the outdoors to find special Pokémon and rewards. February’s Pokémon was Dratini that could “evolve” to Dragonites with the draco meteor charge move.

There were other bonuses: Every catch was rewarded with three times as much stardust, and if you struck the lottery, you might catch the shiny variant of Dratini.

In Singapore, the event was scheduled to start at 11am and end at 2pm yesterday. I made my way to a park and activated a Lucky Egg and Star Piece to boost the XP and stardust gains.

First of five shiny Dratini caught on Community Day (24 Feb 2018).

My day started with a high when my second catch — and first Dratini — was a shiny. Things were looking up, but things started going downhill from that point.

At first, I noticed that the multiplier effect of the star piece I activated was not working. Each first stage Pokémon normally nets 100 stardust once captured. This was boosted to 300 stardust for the event.

As star pieces have a 1.5 multiplier effect, each catch should have been worth 450 stardust. However, the amount of stardust remained at 300 even with the star piece.

I provided video evidence to Niantic that this was happening. BTW, star pieces are items that I had to purchase, and this game error meant that I was wasting my money and effort.

Soon other players and I noticed more trouble within an hour of play. The game lagged, we kept getting error messages, and we could not catch or manage our Pokémon. Eventually the game logged me out and I could not get back in despite trying several times.

Just as well. I had to stop for lunch.

After lunch, the performance of the game improved. Other players and I could log in and we could play normally. Niantic extended the event by another three hours to compensate.

I moved from the park to a nearby mall that had a row of Poké stops. The density of stops meant that Dratini sometimes spawned faster than I could catch them.

This increased my chances of catching a shiny Dratini so much so that I eventually caught a total of five. One of the five was a strong Dratini that I evolved to a Dragonite.

I thought that I had already hit mini lotteries.

Then about 15 minutes before the event was to end, I heard someone say that there was a perfect IV Dratini nearby. A small group of us rushed over to where it was.

Along the way, I did a quick search to confirm the rumour and I realised that I knew that area well. When the group peeled off in the wrong direction, I told them to follow me.

I found the perfect IV Dratini first and beckoned the group over. I had to do this as some from the group opted to follow someone else in the wrong direction.

We caught the perfect IV Dratini just five minutes before the event ended. I hope everyone there remembered to “evolve” their catches immediately to get a perfect IV Dragonite with the draco meteor charge move.

What was the serendipitous learning?

First, seeing for myself that the rumoured shiny Dratini was true by encountering it in the wild.

Second, I had to quickly create videos to send to Niantic to clearly describe a problem and provide indisputable evidence of a problem.

Three, bumping into other players open enough to share critical information, sharing new information on the run, and getting rewarded for cooperating.

The last was a good example of serendipitous cooperation. The group had information about the Dratini that I did not. I knew where exactly to go to catch it, but they did not. If we did not share what we knew, we would not have caught and evolved it on time.

Ah, serendipity.

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