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Some people might react to this headline with alarm.

There was cause for worry given that the 8-year-old not only drove a mile (1.6km) to a nearby restaurant for a cheeseburger, he also brought his 4-year-old sister along.

Some might point out that YouTube empowered the child to an extreme form of self-directed learning (SDL).

I disagree. The story is an example of normal SDL and independent learning. The child had a need (craving for a burger), but faced a problem (the inability to drive). The solution (driving) was enabled by watching YouTube videos (SDL).

SDL is not entirely up to adults or teachers to define. They might be the least attuned to possibilities that technologies afford and are held back by history.

I am not saying we throw caution to the wind. I am saying that we provide guidance and reframe what is possible with fresh and child-like eyes.

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