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What would you do if you found out that someone could activate your webcam and record what you were doing without your knowledge?

If you did not know this could be done, you should read these articles in the BBC, Daily Mail, and the Washington Post.

I present a simple solution to counter this potential problem in my last episode of Happy New Gear.

What do some people cite when they do not want to adopt new ICT tool or strategy? Security.

Bear in mind that the context of that tweet was using more open and social tools for exchanging ideas on education.

It dawned on me at this week’s #edsg chat that “security” is a replacement and misnomer for:

  • privacy
  • confidentiality
  • a sense of control
  • fear of change (HT to @engrg1)
  • fear of the unknown (HT to @hsiao_yun)
  • paranoia (HT to @hsiao_yun)

If you mention that something is a “security concern” or needs to be investigated as a “security issue” then what gets frozen in their tracks are logic and forward-thinking change.

The only things that keep going are the status quo, fear, and ignorance.

Security is a fuzzy but powerful enough word to throw about because very few people understand what it means. The few that do a) find it hard to explain it to those who do not, and b) generally do not understand the world outside security.

It is like having a conversation with someone in the financial world who only thinks in monetary terms or counts beans. You could talk about topics as diverse as the haze, education, and terrorism, and everything boils down to numbers.

If that person has the numbers and can weave a good story around them, it is hard to argue against them.

Likewise for anyone clutching a security blanket, except they do not even have to explain security. If they shout fire, you are expected to listen and then run. You are not supposed to have discussion about the history of fire or its merits and demerits.

But often something just does not click when you listen to these numbers or stories.

It is like how folks in Singapore look out the window at the heavy haze but see a low PSI reading online. What they experience is out of sync with what is officially published because of the time lag.

Likewise, security concerns with ICT are often out-of-sync with new or currently evolving mindsets. The old guard may want to maintain a walled garden. But their stakeholders want to enjoy an open field or a more natural looking forest.

Why create your own versions of YouTube, Dropbox, or Edmodo when these tools and platforms already exist? If these tools do not provide some form of meaningful security, they would not have the critical mass or business they have now.

I am not saying we throw caution to the wind. I am saying we stop using security as an outmoded excuse.

Recently, a blogger shared what he thought were the top five security settings for iOS. I think there should be at least two more.

You should deactivate the ability to change accounts and the untoggle the change location settings.

Once you have entered all email and iCloud account information, you should prevent the settings from being deleted or changed. Likewise, to prevent Find My iPhone from being deactivated, you should lock down location settings.

You start by tapping on Settings -> General -> Restrictions. I am making use of the new WordPress photo carousel feature to illustrate the other steps.

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