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Gmail has been rolling out scheduled sends and replies.

I have relied on the Gmail add-on, Boomerang, for years to do this. The add-on would change my Gmail layout and interfere with rollover effects, but I liked the convenience of scheduling email.

Now the feature is baked into Gmail as a standard feature on both desktop and mobile, all without the janky Boomerang effects.

While some might point out the giant swallowing effect that Gmail will have on Boomerang, I reflect on how this plays out in larger systems.

Change agents do not always see their efforts pay off in the short term or even in their lifetimes. Their cumulative efforts work like water eroding and shaping rock over time.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that people make assumptions about how bloggers write.

I try to reflect every day on what I read, watch, see, hear, or otherwise sense. Some of my readers might assume that I write daily as a result. Not always.

When I am travelling or when I have work commitments, I might write a week or so in advance and schedule entries in WordPress. This is easy to do on the desktop or mobile versions of WordPress.
Schedule WordPress entry on desktop.
The publishing options (screenshot above) are beside the desktop version of the writing space. You need to simply select the date and time the blog entry is to appear and then click on the publish button.
Schedule WordPress entry on mobile.
The mobile app’s scheduling function (screenshot above) is hidden behind the “…” menu at the top right of the app screen. Tap on that and you can schedule the entry. The minutes are less fine-grained — you can only schedule at five-minute intervals.

I try to schedule entries while I am still in my home country so that I can control the publishing time more precisely. Depending on the version and development of both desktop and mobile, the publishing time might be based on the computing system’s time (varies with location) or the saved setting time (fixed based on choice).

This often unpredictable nature of scheduling sometimes leads to surprises like late posts or double entries in a day, but the bottomline remains — I am externalising my thinking and learning.

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