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I tweeted this yesterday.

It is sad because two parties resort to cheating.

The teachers are cheating themselves if they think that quizzes will ensure learning or student effort. In doing so, they also cheat students of better online learning experiences.

The students are cheating because they have not taken ownership of material they have been told to learn. They would rather take shortcuts because the work seems meaningless.

It is funny because of the punitive workarounds both sides use.

Teachers try to reduce or prevent cheating by implementing technical workarounds with the help of IT or backend folk.

The students get creative with different methods like multiple instances of open browsers or working in small groups.

Perhaps these moves are not funny. They are laughable because they are all trying to beat a legacy system designed to sieve and sort for the industrial and paper age. That is how things get sad again.

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I received feedback online and in person that I made CeL version of the “Happy” video sad at the end.

In true Singaporean fashion, my response was: Sad, meh?

It was designed to be poignant. After all, I was ending my CeL Monday video series after almost a year of experimenting with it. I was also leaving as Head of CeL after four years of leading it.

Today marks the end of my appointment as Head. So I think I had a right to make the video end that way. It is not an entirely sad note, but a happy one. The department is proud of what it has achieved over the last few years and I am proud to have been part of it.

I should repeat what I say to all the middle managers and leaders who take my MLS125 course: Often when leaders leave, many initiatives die or go with them. The only thing you can really leave behind is people who have changed for the better.

Where there used to be a group that knew the meaning of hard work, there is now a group that also knows how to adapt, to take the initiative and ownership, to think and act more broadly, and to be loyal.

I have shaped that culture and belief system, so I have no regrets. I am happy.

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