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River Valley High School here in Singapore hit a very low point yesterday. Social media was abuzz with the terrible death of a 13-year-old at the hands of a 16-year-old schoolmate. Out current Education Minister made this statement.

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Despite the control of information, at least one newspaper synthesised a timeline in this article.

It was a tragic day for many of us to learn that something like this could happen in a Singapore school. But now is not the time for judgement or speculation — we simply to not have enough information.

There is already a preliminary set of answers to questions like where, when, what, and how. Most of us will want to know why the older student decided to kill a schoolmate at random. We need to let people who are good at their jobs help us answer those questions. We are not in any position to offer answers as outsiders.

But we know that there is more than one victim of this tragedy. There are the parents and siblings of both students; their friends, classmates, and teachers; concerned alumni; and likely more. They are in shock and grief, so this is where those around them can help. 

We should not be sources of speculation, judgement, or other forms of trouble. But we can be a source of comfort. We need not have anything substantial to say. We simply need to offer an ear or a shoulder.

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