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This video is an example of how lies travel halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put on its boots.

As important as the updated information is, the video’s host behaviour holds a lesson for all educators. Revisit what you have claimed, reflect on what you have learnt, revise what you create next.

Righting wrongs does not happen as quickly as spreading lies, but it shares a common factor — it spreads from one person to another. A responsible person stops to think before sharing and then they revisit, reflect, and revise.

Today I deliver my talk at Bett 2015 on righting the wrongs of flipping. Not all the wrongs because there are way too many.

I focus on just three and these are the themes I shared on Twitter before I left Singapore.

    The tweets were a shorter version of what I need to say in less than 15 minutes after a more than 15-hour flight.

  • There is no point in flipping if teachers do not change their mindsets and practices.
  • It is not fair or logical to push kids into a curricular race they are not prepared for or do not need to run AND insist that they sacrifice their own time to keep running in.
  • Requiring learners to consume videos outside of class might just be changing the nature of homework instead of asking if homework is necessary and well-designed in the first place.

If I was allocated more time, we could explore how some teachers make the mistake of equating flipping only with video-based instruction, not focusing on better classroom interactions, or not actually changing anything by not requiring learners to create and teach.


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