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I enjoyed this audio recording of how a few students shared how they thought school should change post-pandemic. Among the ideas: 

  • de-emphasise grades
  • enable students to get more sleep
  • be more inclusive to more differences
  • have more real world connection, e.g., community-based learning

The suggestions were not just current issues, most were also informed by research which the students were able to cite.

But here is the rub: It is one thing to rethink school, will we actually redo school?

Those are the terms I used for what people might call a “retreat”. I’ve explained why I don’t like the “retreat” before. As I’d rather look and keep going forward, those were my three Rs for the day.

CeL members participating in the Relook activity

I also opted to include our learning@work at today’s event. Three of my team members shared what they knew about augmented reality, Dropbox and the Creative Commons. We did this was to bring my team up to speed with the latest ideas and practices.

CeL members participating in the Rethink activity

For our rethink, we fleshed out our mission on supporting, initiating and sustaining e-learning. The type of e-learning I envision is more mobile, independent-yet-collaborative and taking advantage of good mix of formal and informal learning opportunities.

In our relook, I reorganized CeL members into project groups to look into mobile learning apps and ideas, interactive videos and 3D virtual environments. In our effort to revise, the team is to critique our new CeL website with the aid of Webklipper.

I think that we have a good thing going. But this is our first and last officially funded event. We will be expected to attend a combined retreat organized by our parent body, the Office of Teacher Education, in future. But I am sure we will find a way to make our own event happen again.


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