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I wager that just a week into the new year, lots of people have given up on their resolutions.

It is easy to say something, but not do it. Far better to have purposeful resolve than to make empty resolutions. I reflected on this near the end of 2017.

Here is another example of resolve.

Clash of Clans' village with six different types of Christmas trees.

If you have played Clash of Clans (CoC), you would recognise the screenshot above. You might also discover that there are six different Christmas trees in the image.

The CoC village is from my son’s account. He gave up playing the game a long time ago, but I maintain it by farming for resources.

I also collect the different Christmas trees that appear in the game every year by not tapping on them and clearing them. They are like time-travel trees because each is a reminder of a year gone by.

It takes resolve to keep playing the game this way, but this is not as difficult as it sounds. It takes just moments each day to farm the village and repeating this behaviour became a habit.

Playing CoC this way seems like a quirky form of resolve, but it is an example of a strategy that scales up to more ambitious activities or ventures. For example, I did not make a resolution to reflect in my blog every day, but I have done so for the last several years.

Practice may or may not make perfect, but it can breed resolve.

I do not make new year resolutions and I am not about to start.

This tweet explains why most people cannot keep their resolutions. It is the human condition.

Some self-improvement gurus might say that keeping resolutions is about being realistic and specific. “Exercise more” is vague while “Complete the half-marathon in September in X amount of time” is specific.

But even that does not mean that you will keep that resolution.

There is making resolutions and then there is having the resolve to make a difference. Resolve lies not words but in action.

You should be able to sense change and respond to it logically or bravely at any time, not just unrealistically in advance and without context.

I resolve not to make resolutions that do not matter or will not work. I am just going to do what a clear conscience tells me needs to be done.

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