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It is the time of year when people tend to make new year’s resolutions.

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Shortly after the new year, most people fail or give up on them. To keep on task, folks might apply the strategies in the video below.

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The shortlist of strategies in the video:

  • Pick small and realistic goals
  • Be specific and detailed about the goals
  • Keep track of your progress in a concrete way
  • Change your environment to remove distractions or temptations

I did not set out to blog every day for the last several years. I did resolve to try to learn something or reinforce something worthwhile each day. As an educator, I know that cementing learning means acting on new information to make it encoded and embodied knowledge. So I keep that habit going.

I do not make new year resolutions. Change is not seasonable or fashionable. It is continuous.

While I do not make resolutions, I have resolutions. They are various screen resolutions on various connected devices from which I connect, consume, create, and critique.


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