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It has been a hot month of April in more ways than one. 

I rarely rely on air-conditioning, but I have had to use it several times this month to get a decent night’s sleep. 

I have also enjoyed the most varied work ever since striking out on my own as an education consultant since August 2014. 

In early April, I evaluated the ability of future faculty to facilitate modern learning. Last week I sat with colleagues in what might be called a Board of Examiners meeting. We were bored of examining because the series of learning experiences is unlike anything I have ever been involved in. 

In the middle of April, I delivered a keynote and participated in a panel for the Social Services Institute, the professional development arm of the National Council of Social Services, Singapore. It was wonderful to see a major player wanting to shrug off the shackles of traditional education. 

Not long after that I flew to a conference overseas to facilitate conversations on the flipped classroom vs flipped learning. The strange thing is connecting with Singaporeans there that I could more easily meet at home. 

After returning from my trip, I met with a passionate edu-preneur and professor after we connected via my blog.

Another connection was a result of my keynote. It will take place via one of two Google Hangouts that will bring April to a close. I hope that it will bring more opportunities in the months to come.  

The other Hangout is a result of my flipped learning talk last January at Bett 2015. I am tempted to call it remote mentoring and hope to repeat a strategy I tried at the more recent conference. 

The exceptionally warm weather here is not the norm at this time of year. The variety of work I have had is not the norm either. While I hope the muggy days and nights go away, I do what I can to keep the sizzling work in play.

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Even though I am on official leave for a conference overseas, it is inevitable that I have to work over a distance.

Work is not limited to responding to email. That aspect is the easiest to deal with by getting Internet access (typically via a prepaid SIM in country X), and delegating the work before leaving.

Other things that are a bit more unwieldy are documents that require signatures. While I can delegate my two assistant heads to sign off on some things, CeL relies on SignNow. I like SignNow because it can be used on just about any mobile device.

Then there are things that you can only do if you are in the office, e.g., access an intranet or restricted work sites. But even then, it is possible to securely control a computer thousands of kilometres away. I use software like TeamViewer and LogMeIn to remotely control my home and office systems.

If that sounds like more work, then I say it is not because I can control the circumstances of work.

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