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The lockdowns that were a response to the current pandemic seem to have helped some people reinvent themselves.

Nigel Ng is a Malaysian comedian who is based in the UK. Under lockdown he resorted to podcasting and inventing a persona called Uncle Roger. The latter move now has a near rabid following and mechanise.

Timeless takeaway: Problems can be opportunities for positive  change.

A musician with the YouTube moniker, The Kiffness, first appeared on my radar when he performed song parodies during lockdown [playlist]. But his most popular videos to date are non-conventional collaborations with people all over the world [playlist].

Here are two of my current favourites.

Video source

Video source

Takeaway: Such creativity is possible only when original resources are not only shared openly and freely, but also allowed to be reused and remixed.

Teachers and educators might learn from these examples. The forced move out of class and the push online is an opportunity to rethink what it means to teach. 

Some of the resources that they used to quickly create learning materials were generously shared by others online. They should return the favour by doing the same. You never know who might need it or how they might transform it for the better.

The days of copyright might be numbered. Personally, I’d like to see things like Creative Commons and FairShare become the accepted norm.

If this happens, then I think we can really get into the mode of remixing, collaborating, and knowledge creating!

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