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Reform also means form again, as in go back to its original state, right?


Here is an excerpt from the article  Education reform: The Hong Kong experience:

the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government tweaked the Primary 1 admissions scheme. It also abolished the national exams at Pri 6. Some primary schools also linked up with secondary schools to provide a through-train, 12-year programme.

In the absence of a primary school leaving exam, schools have to administer internal tests — or what some educators dubbed “accountability” tests — at Pri 3 and Pri 6. Educators fear that schools where students do badly in these assessments risk being shut down by the government as Hong Kong grapples with a falling student population due to the low birth rates..

While informative, the article is the limit of my understanding of the tweaked system in Hong Kong. Now I am wondering if it was more about recreating the testing regime.

I have no doubt that assessment is a key leverage point in implementing systemic change. But over a decade into the change effort, it does not sound like schooling reform but like test re-form. As in tests being formed again, not actually changed for the better.

Does a reduced testing regime allow for more flexible teaching and holistic learning? Certainly. But the fact that the traditional paper-based test is there means that is what policymakers, administrators, parents, teachers, and students still aim for.

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