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It was just over a month ago when I first read about Singapore’s new e-waste recycling bins.

My first reaction was: Finally! My next was to collect all the old electronic gadgets that I had not been able to sell or donate. Yes, some organisations have the luxury of refusing to take gently used electronics.

I downloaded the ALBA Step Up app to get token points for my efforts. Note: I have not been asked to promote this app or the Step Up program. It is just the right thing to do.

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I have made three deposits and have 1) contributed to the initial 34 tonnes collected (see video above), and 2) learnt to recycle strategically.

I found out that I get the same number of points each time no matter how much or what I deposit. In my first attempt, I gave three old recharging battery packs and three tablets. In my next drop, I recycled an old PC laptop. Each deposit gave me 1000 points regardless of product.

Each time I recycle, I need to use the ALBA app to scan a QR code on the outside of the bin. This activates the camera and a prompt to photograph the donation before I drop in into the bin. I do not think that the app has AI sophisticated enough to tell the items apart, so each donation seems to be worth a default 1000 points.

The current version of the app says that I can only scan and snap once a day for points. This policy was probably implemented to prevent abuse. I will recycle my cache over the next few weeks and months and reward myself with points for the effort.

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