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Common courtesy, like common sense, is a rare commodity.
Common courtesy, like common sense, is a rare commodity.

I enjoy being an independent consultant. However, a flipside of being one is how some potential clients treat me.

They make promises, but do not deliver. They do not keep to deadlines. They change the changes they made to the previously changed changes.

When I make contact, I try to establish a relationship and create trust. When I am first contacted, I reply quickly. Then we chat over the phone or in person for an hour or two.

Then I typically write a proposal that is customised to my potential client’s needs and this takes a few days. As my proposals are detailed, I provide my potential client a month to digest and negotiate.

My preliminary work often involves on-site visits, focus group interviews, observations, and/or polls. All this when I have not even started delivering yet.

And yet I sometimes get no responses or no followups after the preliminary work. 

If you want to negotiate or wish to say no, let me know. It is the professional and courteous thing to do.

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