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According to this NTY article, strategic quitting is knowing when and why to quit. It is “a seemingly counterintuitive approach to helping you free up more time, money and energy for the things that matter”.

This flies in the face of the notion that equates quitting with failing. Even if people do not think this, they might choose not to quit a job or task because of the sunk cost or investment. The article provided this example:

Imagine you’ve stood in line for 30 minutes only to learn there’s still another hour to go. You’ve already invested that 30 minutes, so dropping out at this point doesn’t sit right with you. But that’s not rational. A paper in the American Psychological Association pegged it on our overgeneralization of the “don’t waste” rule. That is, we feel like we should put those 30 minutes to “good use.”

But refusing to abandon those investments can be costly. For every moment you double down on something that’s not working out, you are forgoing other potentially valuable opportunities.

Viewed and used this way, strategic quitting is a winning strategy. It is goal-oriented, not spur of the moment or irrational. It is focused, prioritises what is important, and requires discipline.

Are we going to model for and teach our students how this “failure” is an option?

I watched this WatchMojo video on the Top 10 Craziest Ways People Quit Their Jobs.

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While entertaining, I hope this does not inspire people to tie personal change to grabbing attention. Most people do not leave with a bang, but that does not mean you do not have to leave a mark.

I recall my parting message when I left NIE in 2014 — be happy.

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It is one thing to say live and let live. It is another to say how to live that life.


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