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I watched this WatchMojo video on the Top 10 Craziest Ways People Quit Their Jobs.

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While entertaining, I hope this does not inspire people to tie personal change to grabbing attention. Most people do not leave with a bang, but that does not mean you do not have to leave a mark.

I recall my parting message when I left NIE in 2014 — be happy.

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It is one thing to say live and let live. It is another to say how to live that life.

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This is a viral video that has been making its rounds on the inter-webs. It is of a woman quitting from her job by recording herself dancing and explaining why she was leaving.

One reason she left her video production job was to focus on quality, not quantity. She did not want to play the numbers game.

Did she know that her video would go viral and hit 16 million views?

Not likely. She just created something that people could relate to. She connected. And that is the quality game to play with social media.

But here is the flip side. Some might argue that her dancing or her manner of quitting is not content they would agree with. Then again, creative content does not sit well with everyone.

There is also the fact that some creative folks do not stick around long enough to do something about a problem at work.

I think that videos that folks might label as having only entertainment value can be used for education. They can be used to model and teach the taking of perspectives and critical discourse that can transfer to any content area.

It was the woman’s prerogative to quit on video. It is ours to not quit on the use of YouTube videos for teaching and learning.

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