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After reading this tweet, I remembered a phrase I used to describe to preservice teachers. It was a schooling process called GIGO — garbage in, garbage out.

This was not to say that the teachers did not care about their craft or their learners. It was a warning that the systemic setup of teaching to the test was an effective way of quenching passions.

Students simply react to the constant test pressure with a survival strategy of binging and purging. This results in a lack of knowledge retention and counters the calls for lifelong learning. I hope the our MOE’s recent pushes go some way to counter superficial learning.

The Purge is a horror movie. This week it is also how the Twitterverse might describe the drop in most users’ followers.

According to this TNW article, the Twitter purge removed locked accounts. The accounts were locked because they were abandoned, hijacked, and/or exhibited spammy behaviour.

locked accounts aren’t bot accounts necessarily — at one point, they were created and operated by a real person. Accounts on Twitter are locked when they begin to display spammy behavior, especially if it’s in opposition to how the account usually behaves. That includes a sudden increase in tweets with multiple unsolicited mentions, a high number of accounts blocking the account, and/or tweets with misleading links.

Business entities and celebrities might be upset about follower losses in the six or seven-figure range. Even though I “lost” about 600 “followers”, I am not upset because I regularly block and cull followers.

Twitter did me a favour by removing a malignant burden I did not know I was carrying. In doing so, it did something good in the battle against those that use Twitter for harm.

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