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I do not know why I started thinking about how the same English words are pronounced differently.

Depending on where you are from, you have your own pronunciation of tomato (to-mah-to or to-may-to) or algae (al-gay or al-jee). The first might be a regional phenomenon and the second might be linked to knowledge of the word’s Latin roots.

But I also think that the differences in pronunciation might also highlight usage in different domains. Take heterogenous, for instance. A chemist might emphasise the latter part of the word (heteroJEEnous mixture); a pedagogue might emphasise the earlier part (heteROHgenous groupings).

I bring up that last example because I just recalled a workshop participant who insisted that I had pronounced that word wrong when I was illustrating how a facilitator might group students.

I was aware of the different pronunciations, but he was not. I was more open to choice and context, but he was not. I found out at the end of the semester that I was willing to change, but he was not.

So different strokes for different folks, I guess?


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