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When this tweet appeared in my Twitter stream, I examined the embedded photos with a natural curiosity. My gaze turned into a critical eye when I read one of the comments that followed.

I was particularly troubled by the response above. I thought it was presumptuous to use the technological setup of each office as an indicator of each country’s mindset towards the current pandemic.

Both leaders are respected on the world stage and both maintain social media presences. Both know how to connect with audiences and citizens, but I would argue that PM Arden is more natural at it.

She has been admired for following up on official statements from behind a lectern with more informal sessions on Facebook live [CNN] [NYT]. Her setup of a Microsoft Surface computer propped up by books means that she can take the device with her and keep working and connecting even after the video conferencing.

There is nothing wrong with a seemingly simple-looking mobile device if it is secure and powerful enough to do the job. If anything at all, that sends a message that she is pragmatic, quick, and flexible.

It is one thing to read in between the lines. It is another to write new lines to create another narrative. That is one way misinformation and disinformation begins.

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