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That’s short for powerful learning practice and doing what works.

At the end of 2009, Will Richardson asked what had changed in schools and suggested it was time for PLP. If you head over to the PLP site, two headers stand out: 1) our students are changing and 2) schools are not.

So how does one realign schools to relevant and critical changes? Rather than push technologies blindly, PLP seems to sell ideas to educators by first providing the experiences and underlying rationale and pedagogies of more current technologies.

I’ve highlighted this part in the YouTube video below. Get to the critical portion (1min 08sec – 2min 00sec mark) directly by clicking on the video source link or watch the video in its entirety below.

Video source

So, that is certainly one way of getting teachers to buy in and change.

But they will need continued support and a constant stream of ideas. They can do this by establishing personal learning networks via PLP, Twitter lists, Facebook groups, etc.

They can also get support from the US Department of Education’s Doing What Works site whose mission is to “translate research-based practices into practical tools to improve classroom instruction”.

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